Recent Videos

Bryan Mercier; Confused? Focus on Holiness

Bryan Mercier of @CatholicTruthOfficial reminds us of our most important vocation: focusing on the Lord and being conformed to His will. "

Fr. John Wykes; Don't Press The Panic Button.

Fr. John Wykes is a native of Detroit living and working in Rome Italy. In this episode Father John shares the wisdom of his father. Titled, "Don't Press The Panic Button" This video is about those times when you may be feeling down and is a message of reassurance and a reminder to not panic.

Joe Mc Givney; Surrender.

Sometimes, even when we are at rock bottom we think we got this. Joe McGivney was no different at his bottom. Joe found out the importance of surrender to the healing process. Surrendering his brokenness began his journey from the darkness of where he was to the joy filled life he lives today.

Jayson Goodman; Finding Joy In Trials.

Jayson Goodman is the host of the podcast "Talking With A Good Man". In this episode Jayson shares the wisdom that scripture has had during the trials of his life. He also shares the importance of having faith and carrying out the works we are called to do even during uncertain times.

Dcn. Donald Predergast; Stay The Course

Deacon Donald Prendergast is a permanent Deacon in central Florida. This episode is about the importance of staying the course even when we are unsure. The advice given in this episode is as pertinent to the professional world as it is in the spiritual

Pat King; Choose Your Path.

The path we choose can have a negative or positive effect on those around us. In this episode, Pat King, host of “Man Cave” heard on Salt and Light radio, tells about the decision he was asked to make.

Marty Rotella; You Better Be Real.

Marty Rotella is a three-time Grammy nominated singer song writer. Marty is a retreat director and founder of Spirit Power Music. In this episode Marty shares wisdom he learned from his prison ministry. “You Better Be Real” is about loving people honestly.

Eddie Trask; Know Your Role.

Eddie Trask is the host of the popular podcast "Catholic Re.Con." (@CatholicReCon), and is available on Youtube. In this video Eddie share a life experience that he has held on to since high school. Know your role is the foundation of humility and it has served Eddie well.